Vtec Janus

"Vtec-Janus"Vtec Janus is a motivational writer. His mission in life is to inspire people as he has been inspired – to know that joy and happiness are the essence of life.

He is passionate to share his spiritual insights with the world. He brings his unusual tale of a real-life miracle to life – as the author of When Reason Screams No and Intuition Screams Yes. Sharing his story of the wonder he discovered through a spiritual journey, perspective and insights to intuitive living.

Vtec enjoys reading, travelling, photography, recreational activities, conversing and motivating those who seek deeper understanding of life, and themselves. He holds a degree in Computing Science from The University of Technology, Sydney. Vtec resides in Sydney, Australia, with his wife.

One of Vtec’s life changing thoughts: If you know how to forgive, life loses some of its terror.

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CHAPTER 2: Let Your Intuition Guide You

Chapter summary:
In his darkest moment, one man hears the voice of his grandfather echoing in his head—offering a lifeline from illusion to Truth. In a flash of insight, a new path of hope is illuminated, sparking the beginning of a miraculous
journey from his head to his heart.

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