The Thought Sessions

52 Weeks of Inspiring Conversations with our Amazing Contributing Authors:

Click on any of the links below to listen in to the recording of the weekly teleseminar/webinar, and please leave comments about what you enjoyed most. Thank you!

WEEK 1: Cat Kozuch – I Will Walk Again
WEEK 2: Sophia Ducey – A New Name, A New Way of Being
WEEK 3: Lynn Sumida – Who Am I?
WEEK 4: Scott Simons – I Need to Start Health
WEEK 5: Dixie (Dynamite) Gillaspie – My Happiness – My Problem
WEEK 6: Dr. Joe Rubino – I Can Re-Invent My Life!
WEEK 7: Jacob Nordby – No Mud, No Lotus
WEEK 8: Lionel Philippe – Life is the Most Precious Gift You Can Ever Receive
WEEK 9: Jonathan Yudis – The Present Moment Is the Best Moment of My Life
WEEK 10: Dr. Russell Kennedy – Your Perception of Your Life IS Your Life
WEEK 11: Dr. L. Jon Porman – Greatness Follows Excellence
– Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties in recording this session. We will re-record this session and post when it is complete. Our apologies.
WEEK 12: Rita Soman – Faith, Persistence and Surrender Are My Trusted Guideposts
WEEK 13: Dr. Bernie Siegel – Learning to Really LIVE May Be the Best Cure For Illness
WEEK 14: Brenda St. Louis – Who Does This Belong To?
WEEK 15: Lee Johnson – Given the choice, most people would choose the certainty of misery over the misery of uncertainty.
WEEK 16: Ted Kuntz – What Would Do the Most Good?
WEEK 17: Dr. Christian Guenette – Forgiveness Is A Gift You Give Yourself
WEEK 18: Bruce Sanguin – I Am Not Bad.
WEEK 19: Molly McCord – My Intention Is For Everyone’s Highest And Best Good
WEEK 20: Sean Aiken – It Doesn’t Matter What You Do: Just Make Sure It’s Something You’re Passionate About
WEEK 21: Brock Tully – i’d rather be seen for who i am and be alone… than be accepted for someone i’m not and be lonely
WEEK 22: Gregg Taylor – When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong
WEEK 23: Dr. L. Jon Porman (Take II) – Greatness Follows Excellence
WEEK 24: Gwenn Henkel – Perception Changes Everything
WEEK 25: Sophia Ducey (Take II) – A 9/11 special interview.
WEEK 26: David Jurasek – If It’s Meant To Be, It Starts With Me.
WEEK 27: Inspired After-Thoughts from our Food4Thought Event on Sept. 22 – A special interview following the first Food4Thought event of 2013.
WEEK 28: Hilary Bowring – Who’s Teaching Who? – Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties in recording this session. We will re-record this session and post when it is complete. Our apologies.
WEEK 29: Dr. Derek Porter – What I See, I Can Be.
WEEK 30: Lorri Dalton – I Have A Choice.
WEEK 31: Vtec Janus – Let Your Intuition Guide You
WEEK 32: Marlyse Carroll – How Did I Know?
WEEK 33: Angelika Christie – Does My Perception Change Everything? (What Soap Bubbles Taught Me At Midnight)
WEEK 34: Maureen Cubbon – I’m Here For A Special Reason After All: A Caribbean Food Revolution?
WEEK 35: Janette Martin – This Is My Vision.
WEEK 36: Gabriel Nossovitch – We Are One and the Same.
WEEK 37: Brenda Michaels – Cancer Is Not Your Enemy — It Is Your Teacher.
WEEK 38: Nina Talley – The Universe Plans Better Than You
WEEK 39: Happy New Year from The Thought Team! – Happy 2014! – a year in review
WEEK 40: Michael Robins – Your Heart Always Knows the Way to Go.
WEEK 41: Stephanie Bennett Vogt – It’s Not Mine.
WEEK 42: Stephen Thompson – Time Is Relative – Unfortunately, Stephen became ill just before we were about to record this session. We will re-record it at a later date and post when it is complete. Our apologies.
WEEK 43: Hilary Bowring – Who’s Teaching Who.
WEEK 44: Cathy Matarazzo – I Believe in the Freedom That Is Me
WEEK 45: Petey Silveira – Ask and You Will Receive
WEEK 46: Janna Moll – Stuck Energy Creates Dis-Ease; Loving Energy Creates Healing
WEEK 47: Daniel Mauro – What If My Deepest Fear Is My Greatest Gift?
WEEK 48: Kristen Moeller – What Am I Waiting For?
WEEK 49: Susan Phelan – I Love You Just the Way You Are
WEEK 50: Pilar Stella – The Only Way to BE is ME!
WEEK 51: Annemarie Gockel – I’m Going to Die.
WEEK 52: Stephen Thompson – Time is Relative
WEEK 53: Dr. Dena Churchill – The Greatest Insights Sometimes Come From Our Darkest Despair.
WEEK 54: Ocean Bloom – I Don’t Need to Do Something Today Just Because I Did It Yesterday.
WEEK 55: Gillian Laura Roberts – I Love You, Too.

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