The Book

Title:  The THOUGHT That Changed My Life Forever.

"Old Book and Pen."

What if one thought could change everything?

Like all great endeavours, this book started as a thought. One seed planted in two places and giving life to a special vision—a vision that connected two people through one powerful phrase:

The Thought That Changed My Life Forever…

Meeting and working together in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Christian Guenette and Gillian Roberts joined forces and invited 50 like-minded experts along to present this book to the World—to change not just one life, but many lives…

Why Write This Book?

We know the power of the mind can manifest anything we desire—health, happiness and success—and we want others to understand, explore and benefit from this Truth, to create a positive, vibrant World…

Why Read This Book?

To learn how and why changing your mind can initiate powerful personal transformation; to be inspired by the stories of others who discovered the power of their thoughts; and to enjoy the positive effects this awareness can have on bringing dreams to life. Your dreams…

Why Share This Book?

We truly believe this awareness is a gift and that as more people on our planet awakening to the power within their minds, it will serve us all—benefiting the health of the Earth, all the lives of the amazing generations to come, and the very evolution of Consciousness itself.

This is our Thought Movement—are you ready to add your spark to the enlightenment of the Universe?

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