Teach an old dog new tricks? This teacher would get him to fly!

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Have you ever met somebody who’s so passionate about what they’re doing, it seems magically contagious?

I have.

Or, have you ever met somebody who shares so much of what you truly believe in, you find it really hard to imagine you’re not related to them?

I have.

For me, it’s the same person, and his name is Gabriel Nossovitch.

"Gabriel Nossovitch"

He is an Argentinian/French firecracker with a Russian background and an insane passion for life itself! This incredible example of a human being has dedicated his life to helping others overcome self-limiting beliefs so they can adopt the same passion to live the life of their dreams as he does. The amazing thing is…whenever I hear this man speak, in the back of my mind I’m thinking he must have obtained black-market recordings of some of my one-on-one coaching sessions – because I’m absolutely certain he’s passing on the exact same messages as I do. But the main difference between us is: as I sit with my clients for 30-60 minute sessions in an intimate, clinical setting, Gabriel is traveling the four corners of the globe, sharing the stage with the likes of Don Miguel Ruiz, lecturing in front of hundreds of admiring fans. This guy has taken ‘our’ message to a whole other level!

But he hasn’t stopped there. He’s also created entire companies to expand upon and lovingly serve these concepts to the entire world. He is the co-founder of several personal transformation companies operating throughout Latin America and across the United States. Whether he’s conducting workshops for individuals or entire corporations, his message is eerily similar: each and every one of us has the capacity to reach for our highest pinnacle of achievement – if we can release the addictive hold our past beliefs have on us, and replace it with a newer and brighter credo, ensconced in the comfort of future possibilities — all fueled by our most personal and meaningful values of course. This man not only talks the talk, but you can tell by his unwavering conviction that he’s also one of those rare breeds who walks the walk.

best teacher

And so, as I freely express my feelings, brimming with gratitude and admiration for this brother-from-another-mother, I also must pause to reflect on how fortunate we (Gillian and I) were to have him join our incredible group of wordsmiths we call The Thought team of authors to create our inspirational anthology entitled The Thought That Changed My Life Forever. Wait for it…it gets better…I was able to personally congratulate him on his accomplishments when he gathered with us in our virtual studio for an hour of inspiration, reflection and connection – known as The Thought Sessions (Week 36). If I can be so bold: do yourself a favour and click on the link to quietly eavesdrop on what was shared among us. I’ll bet my entire collection of old Lego blocks you’ll be glad you did. And, if any of the other names/sessions tweak your interest, put your feet up and stay awhile. We’ll be waiting for you there – with bells on.

success equals inspiring

In the meantime, check out a brief vignette from one of Gabriel’s previous workshops (below), then go to his website — www.gabrielnossovitch.com/ — to learn more. His message rings true: if you want for transformation, seek to go beyond the actions you typically take, and question your beliefs – for a shift in belief can unleash your untapped potential. Gabriel’s heart-felt messages echo the sentiments of both Gillian and I. Enjoy!

To your perfect health and abundant success…


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