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Am I Crazy, or Just Evolved?

Posted on 11/10/13 by thethoughtpublications No Comments

Am I crazy, or is that the Universe calling for me to awaken? According to statistics, a larger and larger population of humans are being diagnosed with mental disorders world-wide. In America alone, ‘An estimated 26.2 percent of Americans ages 18 and older—about one in four adults—suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given […]

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Emerging consciousness…are you ready?

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As I sit and reflect upon our last Thought Session (with Molly McCord), immediately what comes to heart and mind is gratitude for those who have committed their lives to increasing the level of consciousness on this planet, both personally and collectively. I cannot think of a more honourable intention, as it has a profound […]

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Author selection has begun.

Posted on 12/14/10 by thethoughtpublications No Comments

We are currently working on the author selection process. From all the submissions we have received, we will select 52 authors to write one chapter each. The subject of the chapters: a ‘thought’ that truly changed the author’s life forever – something that may serve to change your life too.

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Can a thought actually change your life forever?

Posted on 12/12/10 by thethoughtpublications No Comments

Absolutely. If you think back to any change you’ve made to your life’s direction, you will realize that it all began with a thought, an idea, or a concept. When realized, followed, and adhered to, a thought becomes incorporated into the manifesto by which you govern your day-to-day activities.  When this happens, the rest of […]

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