Susan Phelan

"Susan Phelan"Susan Phelan is an organization development consultant, who believes passionately that long-term business success is built upon the foundation of a healthy organization where mutual respect, fairness and employee wellness is valued. She is a dynamic creative catalyst helping businesses accomplish their outcomes through a variety of methodologies including training, coaching and facilitation.

Susan earned her BScN at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario (1978) as well as her MA in Applied Behavioral Sciences from City University in Seattle, Washington (1991). Her post graduate work includes numerous training seminars in such areas as interpersonal communication skills, coaching, leadership, conflict resolution and managing change. A near decade of clinical, teaching and management experience within the health care field coupled with extensive training and consultative work has given Susan a rich and strong background from which to draw.

Operating her own business since 1988, Susan has consulted with professional groups and associations, corporations and government departments, small businesses and individuals. Her work focuses on coaching managers and employees to create leadership practices and develop competencies; designing and delivering customized training; and facilitating group sessions that foster successful change and transition.

Susan is an expert in transformational leadership and integrative consulting, helping leaders discover and realize their greatest visions for working both soulfully and successfully. With over 25 years of experience leading, training, coaching and consulting in health care, business and government sectors, Susan uses her insight, wisdom and compassion to inspire organizational change that works on every level.

In addition to Susan’s consulting work, she has been dedicated to personal transformation and healing for decades, devoting herself to a path of exploration and discovery of more and more of her beauty, resilience, and potential.

Susan brings her passion and insight to her work as a spiritual practitioner, business consultant and health and wellness coach. Susan weaves together skills, tools and practices which foster the evolution of those who are committed to living with an awakened heart. Her passions include Chinese healing, meditation, and work with people in transition. Her work as a spiritual practitioner focuses on honoring people and helping them to remember their beauty, wisdom, peace and joy.

Her coaching clients describe her as alive, authentic and compassionate. Her business clients describe her as someone who brings heart to organizations resulting in renewed commitment, creativity and transformational change.

She currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

CHAPTER 50: I Love You Just the Way You Are

Chapter summary:
How important is one conversation with someone you love? In this heart-wrenching depiction of an evolving mother-daughter relationship, even old wounds are given the opportunity to heal–demonstrating anything really is possible.

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