Stephen Thompson

"Stephen Thompson"Stephen Thompson has been a teacher for over 30 years in the areas of philosophy, psychology, sociology, and plain, common-sense living. After a motorcycle accident in the early 1990s, it took 28 reconstructive surgeries and six years to fully heal. During his recovery process, Thompson was introduced to alternative healing modalities. His rapid recovery through such powerful mind-body techniques prompted several years of study with psychological kinesiology and intuitive training. His personal transformation led to the opening of The Personal Search and Growth Center in 1995.

Thompson is a humorist who combines passion and joy with life lessons in the workshops he facilitates around the country. His success is founded on the principle that education without implementation is void. Therefore, he joins his authentic knowledge with practical tools for change that allow people to truly accept and apply the information they receive when learning with him.

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CHAPTER 13: Time Is Relative

Chapter summary:
After a near-fatal motorcycle accident, a man is left all alone with a body in tatters on a deserted mountainside. A timeless, out-of-body experience brings him a profound vision of a life not-yet-lived—and the opportunity for ultimate healing within.

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