Sophia Ducey

"Sophia Ducey"Sophia Ducey is an ordained Minister, accomplished speaker and teacher of the principles of various World traditions, leadership and cultural change. She has shared her gifts with organizations, churches and spiritual centers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia and Ukraine.

Sophia currently expresses her ardent commitment to individual and collective evolution of consciousness through nurturing depth in spiritual community in Vancouver, BC. She offers workshops, keynotes, practice circles, and spiritual services – incorporating Integral Life, Evolutionary Culture and Transparent Communication principles.

She is passionate about celebrating the sacred through co-creating customized sacred ceremonies, intertwining music with the reading and contemplation of sacred texts, and the practice of silent union with the Divine. She loves to “play” with children to help them experience their own spiritual connection through meditation and prayer.

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CHAPTER 40: A New Name, A New Way of Being

Chapter summary:
What do you do when the label you’ve been given just doesn’t fit anymore? This courageous minister takes us with her on a soul-searching journey in which she not only calls forth a different name, but awakens a latent essence from within herself.

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