Scott Simons

"Scott Simons"Scott discovered his mission to inspire health while traveling through Central America after graduating from university. Upon returning to Montreal in 2002, Scott decided to dedicate his life to holisitc health education.

Since then, he has not fooled around. He obtained certificates as a Personal Trainer Specialist and an Older Adult Specialist, as a personal and professional coach and as a Sivananda yoga teacher.

In 2004, Scott and his mentor Steve Sims co-founded the Padua Center, an urban not-for-profit holistic health center. Padua’s main activities include meditation, yoga, tai chi and dialogue. Two years later, Scott co-created “DESTA Black Youth Network” an outreach mission to young adults (18-25) in the black community.

In 2006, he founded Organik Santé Corporative in response to the epidemic of stress in the workplace. Organik offers on-site services to businesses that make health and wellness accessible for their employees.

Scott now defines himself as an eco-preneur meaning he puts people, purpose, and people before profit. He feels he is just getting started in this field. His daily practices of mediation, yoga and training keep him grounded and focused on his mission to inspire health!

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