Rita Soman

A Self- Actualization Coach and professionally trained Psychotherapist and published author, Rita has committed her life and private practice in helping her clients gain freedom from limiting beliefs and perception of past that keep them stuck in life.

Discovery of what methodologies would best serve her clients to achieve their goals, Rita was on a mission and came upon PSYCH-K® after studying numerous undergraduate, graduate classes along with a plethora of seminars, 12-step programs and a well-stocked library of self-help books. With the modality of PSYCH-K® forming the foundation of her practice, it identifies the root cause of challenges, interrupting and altering the life-long patterns of behaviors and addictions to render positive, long-termed results. Its success is unparalleled as it reprograms the subconscious mind with empowering beliefs and is the key to shift most behaviors.

PSYCH-K® takes one beyond the power of intention, visualization, positive thinking, affirmations, and will- power. It has successfully assisted thousands of people world-wide to free their minds from the self-imposed limitations of the past and in its place return them to being the source of their own empowerment and destiny.
“When you change your beliefs, you can change your life. It’s that simple!”

Originally from New Delhi, India, Rita has resided in Portland, Oregon for the past 25 years and holds a Master’s degree in Psychology, is a certified Alcohol & Drug Treatment Specialist and PSYCH-K Instructor. She is offering a 30 minutes of complimentary PSYCH-K session face to face, by phone or via Skype to those who would her book, The Thought That Changed My Life Forever.


To learn more about Rita and the services she provides to her clients, go to her website:


CHAPTER 46: Faith, Persistence and Surrender Are My Trusted Guideposts

Chapter summary:
With her most difficult moments behind her, this addiction therapist shares the three guideposts that not only provided a way out of her own despair, but may also serve as beacons of light to lead others along a path of least resistance.

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