Nina Talley

"Nina Talley-Kalokoh"Raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, USA, Nina captures her perspective of small-town America through her short-stories, plays and music. From a young age, her discoveries of deeper meanings, God in small things and bold self expression propelled her to seek harmony in sound, word and life.

After graduating college, she worked (and played!) in Sierra Leone, West Africa for half a year. The experience provided communal and spiritual ‘grounding’ unparallel to any previous trip abroad and offered clarity towards her ever evolving life vision. A life-long learner, Nina returned to the United States with newfound insights on U.S. foreign policy and an interest in the teachings of Religious Science. After living in Oakland, California for two years, she returned to Washington D.C. in order to complete her graduate degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution.

Nina has published academic articles and narrative short stories on international affairs in Africa, reflecting the benefits of integrating political and spiritual technologies in her travels to West Africa, Central America and Europe. Her personal peace practice deeply informs her writing and leads to an advocacy for similar practices for humanitarians, Foreign Service Officers and peace-building leaders. A trained facilitator and mediator, she has led numerous seminars and discussion groups on topics such as: “spirituality and religion”, “post-conflict reconciliation”, “racial profiling after 9/11” and “ethnic diversity in U.S. foreign policy”. She has held positions in federal government, academia, non-profit and the private sectors, deepening her awareness in strengths-based training, inter-cultural exchange coordination, website design/development, legal advocacy, and business development.

Nina is particularly interested in the power of the written word, the integration of one’s spiritual self at work and in politics, exploring Appreciative Inquiry in international leadership and learning techniques for meaningful multi-cultural communication. While her day job provides ample opportunity to regularly interact with people located on six out of seven continents, she continues to explore the deeper elements of the human mind and spirit and write about her discoveries in the early morning hours of each day.

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