Natalie Sisson

"Natalie Sisson"Natalie Sisson is the Founder of The Suitcase Entrepreneur – a highly popular blog that shows entrepreneurs how to build a thriving online business they can run from anywhere. The focus is on creating freedom in business and adventure in life. In order to achieve that Natalie shows you how to use online tools, technology, social media and outsourcing to set up a portable business that allows you to live the lifestyle you desire.

Natalie is a sought after business and social media coach, and offers a variety of digital products and programs to fellow suitcase entrepreneurs, and a wide variety of free resources on her blog.

She’s seen incredible results from blogging including a loyal and following which has led her to launch her first eBook `The Entrepreneur’s Social Media Workout’ loved by many and her online Sculpted Social Media Program and her online Social Media Club.

She’s run Social Media Workshops in Vancouver, Canada, and Los Angeles and New York City, USA, Auckland, New Zealand and recently made the Forbes List 25 Most Influential Women Tweeting About Entrepreneurship and was a key panelist on Creative Collective’s `Tweet Your Way To Success’ event at TAFE University, Sunshine Coast in October 2011.

Natalie is an integrated marketer with over 10 years experience in branding, communications and business development across several industries across the world. She loves applying her skills and knowledge to the online world and sharing that with others.

With well over 3,000 fans on Facebook, 2500+ connections on LinkedIn and over 17,000+ followers between her two Twitter accounts, Natalie is keen to pass on her strategies for increasing your online exposure, driving traffic and finding leads. Build Your Online Business (BYOB) and the Ultimate Toolkit for Evolutionary Entrepreneurs are products she’s designed, to help others to build a business based on their sweetspot – what they already know, are skilled at and what they love to do.

In addition she runs the Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind (WE Mastermind) with Natalie MacNeil to ensure women have lucrative launches, develop a million dollar mindset and receive killer coaching.

Natalie is a previous CoFounder of technology startup Connection Point Systems and helped build FundRazr, a Facebook social commerce application.

Natalie is also contributor to Forbes’ Work In Progress blog, a Mentor for the Visa Business Network and a Nike Women’s Movement ambassador and has been featured in Huffington Post, Under30CEO, Young Entrepreneur, Problogger, AllBusiness and Wall Street Journal. You can see her full media coverage including radio shows and speaking events on her press page.

Natalie is on a quest to travel to half the countries in the world and is currently at 46. She’s a huge fan of competitive Ultimate Frisbee and has represented New Zealand, Great Britain and Canada at World Championship and Club level. When she’s not working on her business and that of others then she’s most definitely off having an adventure around the world.

CHAPTER 7: Success in Business & Adventure in Life Can Unite

Chapter summary:
Does saying “yes” to one dream mean having to say “no” to another? Discovering how to build a successful business (and life) that doesn’t require a building at all changes the face of the planet for one entrepreneur.

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