Maureen Cubbon

"Maureen Cubbon2"Maureen Cubbon was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She has a passion for food, her friends and family, and travelling.

After finishing her education at Simon Fraser University and BCIT, she now holds degrees in Criminology, Biochemistry, and Forensics. She has worked in a variety of industries including hospitality, food & beverage, law enforcement, and health insurance.

Maureen currently resides in the Cayman Islands which has been home for 11 years. She feels blessed to live the life she does and looks forward to continuing her work in the community with the focus on helping children discover the benefits of growing and preparing their own food, using the “garden to table” approach as a teaching tool. She proudly helped created and implemented two international health and wellness programs for children, the Be Active & Eat Smart Program and Project Grow, a school garden initiative, where over 20 schools in the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands have incorporated into their curriculum. Maureen is also a passionate and self-trained chef, competing in several rounds to earn a space in the finale of the Amateur Chef Competition at the 2012 Food & Wine Cayman Cookout, cooking for the likes of Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert, Jose Andres, Dana Cowin of Food & Wine Magazine and the Governor of the Cayman Islands.

She went on to win the competition in 2013!

CHAPTER 15: I’m Here For A Special Reason After-All: A Caribbean Food Revolution?

Chapter summary:
One woman’s quest to help children create a better life by teaching them the importance of good nutrition leads her to discover what nourishes her own soul. After walking many roads to serve others, all paths converge to reveal her purpose is actually her passion!

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