Marlyse Carroll

"Marlyse Carroll"Marlyse Carroll is a writer and teacher of Swiss French origin who now lives near Melbourne, Australia. In 1995, she co-founded with husband Michael Carroll the INNER PEACE Institute for Wellbeing, a non-sectarian educational organization specialising in personal transformation.

Over the past 15 years, Marlyse has worked closely with thousands of people on the spiritual path, from beginners to professional facilitators. Sharing their deepest insights, experiences and fears has inspired Marlyse to write Am I Going Mad, the book that Dr John F. Demartini described as “truly a physiological, psychological and spiritual masterpiece for the sake of human evolution”.

Marlyse is a certified meditation teacher, ego-state therapist and rebirther with a profound interest in transpersonal psychology and quantum physics. She also studied dance therapy for five years, under the guidance of Marcia Leventhal Ph.D.

As a free-lance writer specialising in human evolution, Marlyse contributes articles, stories and reviews in various publications and websites, both in Australia and overseas. She also had two stories published in the book Australia’s Best Short Stories, published in 2000.

Marlyse’s book, Am I Going Mad? The Unsettling Phenomena of Spiritual Evolution, was first published in 2007 and is steadily becoming a best-seller in Australia. It will soon be available on

Right now, Marlyse has a sense of urgency in reaching a wider audience. She is very aware of the speeding up of spiritual evolution, with more and more individuals experiencing unsettling phenomena without any knowledge or guidance. She is concerned at the general lack of information surrounding the many aspects of spiritual transformation and the growing tendency to medicalise all symptoms.

Now is the time to contribute to planetary transformation through the peaceful integration of individual awakenings.

Now is the time for people everywhere to hear about Marlyse’s message.

For more information about Marlyse and her many projects, go to her websites:

CHAPTER 27: How Did I Know?

Chapter summary:
Haunted by unexplained feelings of fear and a picture of life beyond her known reality, one mother faces the unimaginable—the untimely death her young child. A search for meaning in a time of great despair leads her to profound revelations about a powerful gift within her.

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