Lynn Sumida

Lynn Sumida 270Lynn Sumida is one of those lucky people who knew early in life what she wanted to do — she knew she wanted to work with people.

She began traditionally, getting a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Toronto, then obtained the real “tools of the trade”, becoming a Senior Faculty for the William Glasser Institute, studying the Satir Model of Family Therapy with Maria Gomori and becoming a Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Lynn is an outstanding teacher and trainer, and has traveled globally, training others. With experience in health, education and mental health, she opened a private practice in 1981, specializing in the treatment of trauma, abuse and those searching for ways to heal deep wounds.

Lynn considers her own development equally important, such that one should be able to “walk the talk.” This has opened her to a deeper connection with her intuition, spiritual nature and what it means to be in flow with life. Now, as President of Miruspoint, Lynn has the opportunity to do all she loves—work with clients, train dedicated professionals and be part of a community of people that passionately champions the personal freedom of our spirit.

CHAPTER 12: Who Am I?

Chapter summary:
Her experience with cancer and a seemingly magical remedy for her symptoms reminds one woman how she perceives herself is just as miraculous in healing her life as any pill or potion could be in healing her dis-ease.

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