Lorri Dalton

"Lorri Dalton"After completing the Dental Hygiene program at the University of Alberta, Lorri Dalton went on to practice Dental Hygiene for 20 years. During those years, she took her interest and passion for horses to a new level and went on to compete with Tennessee Walking Horses both in Canada and throughout the United States. She made her last and retiring ride in 1994 at the World Championships in Shelbyville, Tennessee.

Years later, after her third child was born, she began training seriously in track and field middle distance running. She went on to compete in University Master’s divisions as well as the World Masters Games. She completed 2 levels in the NCCP coaching program in addition to the RunJumpThrow program designed for school age children. Her interest for fitness and running eventually led to a position as an Assistant Coach with the Red Deer Titans city track team.

For Lorri, learning is a life long journey. She currently is enrolled in a 2 year College program with emphasis on corrective functional exercise. She remains passionate in her work of supporting people through life transition with a focus on health, nutrition and fitness.

Currently Lorri resides in Sherwood Park, Alberta, with her husband, and 3 terrific children. Lorri still enjoys an exhilarating run, martial arts, resistance training, traveling, reading a fantastic book and cooking a great meal. She can be reached at lorridalton29@gmail.com.

CHAPTER 47: I Have A Choice

Chapter summary:
When faced with a potentially life-or-death health crisis, this running coach decides to take ownership of her own future, creating a mental workout plan that will ultimately guarantee her success—and better the chances for all of us.

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