Lon & Sandy Golnick

"Lon and Sandy Golnick"Sandy and Lon Golnick are accomplished leaders and coaches in the field of family and relationships. They founded Relationship & Families ByDesign so that they could offer a new paradigm for families and relationships that is built on the design of games rather than being rooted in a structure of survival. They are committed to you experiencing being intimately related, appreciated and fulfilled.

Between them, Sandy and Lon have over 60 years of experience in training and developing organizations, groups and teams, and individuals – both adults and young people. They also bring 45 years of marriage and their experience of being parents of two and grandparents of six to their work with families.

Sandy began her career in 1964 as a teacher/educator in California and Virginia public schools. She consulted California school districts from 1980 to 1984. For seventeen years she was a program designer, leader and manager of the Family Division for a global transformation and education corporation. She has worked with thousands of young people, teens and parents in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

During his more than 33 years in the training and development profession, Lon trained and coached well over 100,000 people in a wide variety of positions and situations in countries throughout the world. He has specialized in leading people in discovering and adopting new perspectives and new thinking in their work and in their lives.

CHAPTER 28: We Belong to Our Relationship

Chapter summary:
Two relationship therapists with a desire to revolutionize family healing have both their professional and personal approaches to relationship transformed by a single statement from a 9-year old boy.

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