Lionel Philippe

"Lionel Philippe"Originally from France, Lionel retained his European flair while taking up residence in BC in 2000. He has, over the past decade, become deeply passionate about empowering people in both personal and corporate settings.

His industry experience as a Systems Engineer (France, California, and British Columbia), and as an Instructor in the discipline of Ki-Aikido Martial Arts has provided a solid foundation to Lionel’s passionate dedication to helping people in both personal and corporate settings to manage stress more effectively and work effortlessly while increasing performance and expanding possibilities.

By helping his clients take responsibility for their own life experiences, they are equipped to take the necessary risks to achieve their heart’s desires, connect with, and live from, their deepest wisdom and rekindling their passion for life.

Lionel’s spiritual journey brought him in places such as Africa, India and Peru, where he met and study with shamans and spiritual teachers.

In 2003 he was introduced to the Miruspoint transformational work. One year later, he launched his own small business which specializes in stress management, coaching, professional and personal development.
He recently went to Haiti to offer his time and coaching skills empowering a group of Haitian women who lost everything in the 2010 earthquake.

Lionel met Haruko while traveling in India in 1996. He left Paris one year later to live with Haruko and their daughter Seghara in Los Angeles CA. Seghara became one of his best teachers about to live with greater patience, understanding and love.

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CHAPTER 32: Life Is the Most Precious Gift You Can Ever Receive

Chapter summary:
Born prematurely and rejected by his mother, a man takes a long journey to discover the true nature of the gift he received from the first woman in his life. By coming to understand what she gave, he opens himself to receive the gifts of others, too.

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