Lee Johnson

"Lee Johnson"Born in South Africa, graduating from Grosse Point High in Detroit, and now a Canadian living in Vancouver, Lee has an extremely colourful resume. Armed with a magna cum laude degree with distinctions in 7 out of 11 subjects, Lee worked as a high school teacher of English and Latin while doing postgraduate studies part time, then was a psychotherapist in private practice. At the same time his rock band won national competitions and had hit records, prompting Lee to tour the country for three years as a professional guitarist.

After getting married and wanting a more stable environment to raise a family, Lee entered the world of advertising. Over the next sixteen years, he worked as copywriter/Creative Director for many top advertising agencies including DMB&B, Grey Group, Lintas, McCann-Ericksen and Young & Rubicam, before co-founding his own company The Agency. In just three years it grew to $30-million annual billing with some of the country’s biggest blue-chip clients, winning a host of creative awards including eight international Clios. It also immersed him in television and voice-over production, and he wrote/produced/directed over 1,000 commercials. Lee’s interest in music continued, and as a lyricist he has over a hundred published and recorded songs to his credit. He also co-wrote two rock musicals including The Ancient Mariner based on Coleridge’s classic poem, which featured international star Oliver Reed on the album, with Michael York taking the lead role in an award-nominated television adaptation.

Father of two sons, Lee has always been a strong advocate of ethical and values-based learning tools for children and wrote a television series for young children called Balltown which teaches universal life skills and values. Then, combining his writing skills with his background in psychology, he wrote How To Escape Your Comfort Zones which was published by Penguin Books and topped the best-seller lists for eight weeks, displacing no lesser a title than Nelson Mandela’s newly-released Long Walk to Freedom.

Frustrated by increasing crime and corruption in South Africa, Lee emigrated to Canada with his family and co-wrote his next book The Quest for the Corporate Soul which was also published in Taiwan in Cantonese. He then co-founded EnterCor Entertainment and took it public (listed on the Venture Exchange in Canada), focusing on the development of values-driven children’s TV programs and related projects.

Now a full time writer, Lee is working on a new book The Inner Shift plus several innovative projects for television. He has ghost-written and facilitated many books including Activate Your Power and Peace Begins with Me, and is currently collaborating with a world-renowned authority on a book about lithium in the treatment of bipolar disorder and depression.

A former President of Toastmasters, Lee is a compelling and dynamic speaker and presenter. Lee’s social and community commitments have continued over many years and include being founder-director of the Institute for Human Rights Education, a board member of the Seaview Addiction Services Society, and board member of the Society for Community Development.

Website: http://www.leejohnsonwriter.com

CHAPTER 8: Given the choice, most people would choose the certainty of misery over the misery of uncertainty.

Chapter summary:
At a critical crossroads in life and amidst violent turmoil in his home country, one successful businessman finds out you sometimes need to be willing to lose it all in order to live a life of integrity and fulfillment.

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