Janna Moll

"Janna Moll"Janna Moll is the founder and president of Energy Medicine Specialists, an organization that offers advanced practice coursework in the field of energy medicine, Cutting The Ties That Bind, and sponsors Healing Touch Program coursework. The Heart Healing Center, Inc. is her private practice that combines her training in multiple energy disciplines (Healing Touch, Reiki, Polarity, Pranic, Reconnection, EFT, Therapeutic Touch, Theta Healing, and Rosalyn Brueyre work, to name a few) with psychotherapy and coaching.

Janna is published in texts, newsletters and e-periodicals on various topics in the field of energy medicine. She holds an MSN advanced degree and is a Healing Touch Certified practitioner and instructor as well as a Certified Massage Therapist. For years she has worked closely with holistic medicine in building community networking and support groups for EM practitioners.

She has presented to national organizations (American Holistic Medical Association, Healing Touch International, Healing Touch Program, American Board of Holistic Medicine, Crimson Circle, Doctors Without Borders, etc.) and local groups (Holistic Alternative Reference Practitioners-HARP, Colorado Holistic and Alternative Practitioners Study Group-CHAPS, Skyridge Hospital, Mile Hi Church, etc.) on various topics.

Janna presents to small groups on HT and EM and trains local MDs on EM. She has written advanced coursework in the EM field for practitioners (Hara Workshop, Advanced Chakra Workshop, etc.) and is writing Energy Medicine, the Big Picture, a textbook for the practice of energy medicine.

CHAPTER 48: Stuck Energy Creates Dis-Ease; Loving Energy Creates Healing.

Chapter summary:
As a child, being aware of all the “energies” around her creates confusion and isolation. After a brief but powerful spiritual experience, she receives an answer to her most profound question—one that could transform the entire World.

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