Jacob Nordby

"Jacob Nordby"Jacob Nordby is a published author, speaker, conscious entrepreneur and personal transformation mentor.

He does personal coaching work with people who are moving through transitions in life.

His other writings include a spiritual novel, The Divine Arsonist: A Tale Of Awakening, and as co-author in Pearls of Wisdom: 30 Inspirational Ideas to Live Your Best Life Now with Jack Canfield. He is currently writing, The Cosmic Compass: An Adventure of Inner Guidance. Mr. Nordby is the founder and publisher of the popular e-magazine site, YourAwakenedSelf.com.

His personal motto is: “The greatest gift you can offer the world is to awaken and walk in love.” He has a great passion for helping others give birth to new purpose in life. To see more wisdom Jacob has to offer, go to YourAwakenedSelf.com.

CHAPTER 23: No Mud, No Lotus

Chapter summary:
The profound statement of a well-known guru leads one man to discover renewed possibility in the challenges of Life presented along the spiritual path—including the ultimate freedom in surrendering to the power in what is. How can we enjoy the fruits of our intentions without planting seeds—or getting our hands a little dirty?

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