Hilary Bowring

"Hilary Bowring"Hilary Bowring is the owner at Divine Align, where she teaches Meditation and offers Energy Healing and Spiritual Counselling.

Hilary has been meditating for over 20 years and fully knows its transformative power. Her delight as a teacher is to help people establish a daily meditation practice so they can feel an inner state of calm no matter what life serves. Her soft resonant voice draws people inwards to a sublime experience.

This new orientation followed an enjoyable career of over 20 years in advertising and marketing that died in the profound grief she experienced after her husband’s sudden death. The impact of sudden death brought changes to her consciousness and an understanding that life is about soul journeys for spiritual evolution. Her passion for living was re-ignited studying tantric philosophy, which is about self-realization in the body. She now gives workshops on meditation with this philosophy. She loves to dance, chant and sing with others, and is able to see the funny side of life, her irreverent humour ignites change! Her strongest motivation is to help others align with their soul blueprint and flourish in their lives.

**NEW: Hilary has just released a new book, entitled: Find Your Soul: In Your Heart!!

To learn more about Hilary and the work she is doing in the world, go to her website: www.divinealign.com

CHAPTER 31: Who’s Teaching Who?

Chapter summary:
Everything looked like perfection on the outside. However, the pain of her husband’s disease and his eventual demise leads one woman on a quest to live and love fully—bringing her full-circle to understand the opportunity all shades of Life have to offer her.

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