Gwenn Henkel

"Gwenn Henkel"Gwenn Henkel is a Certified Medical and Master Hypnotherapist and a Hypnoanaesthesiologist. She is a member of The International Association of Counselors & Therapists, the American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists, the International Medical and Dentistry Hypnotherapy Association and the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Gwenn studied at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy in Palo Alto California, one of the most prestigious and respected hypnotherapist schools in the country since 1977.

Prior to becoming a hypnotherapist, Gwenn worked at the Stanford University Medical Center in Palo Alto, California. She worked in the Coronary Care and Cardiac Surveillance Units for the last eight of her sixteen years there.

In 1995 Gwenn had an accident at work, the result of a practical joke, which left her with critical neck and back injuries. She was unable to work for 3 ½ years. She ended up with three chronic conditions that were not curable, Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When drug therapies and physical therapy did not help, her team of doctors suggested she try hypnosis and the rest was history! She discovered the way to control all of those conditions and renew her life again. Many doctors now refer their most challenging patients to her.

Gwenn began her hypnotherapy practice in 1998 and became well known for her ability to help people with chronic pain conditions, weight control, depression, changing negative and obsessive thought patterns and also using energy work with Reiki. Because of this, Gwenn was on television and she has been interviewed sixty times on the radio, from San Francisco California, down through California’s Central Coast, Chicago, and also in Sedona Arizona. She has been writing articles for The California Woman Magazine six times a year since 1998. Because of her compelling personal story, Gwenn was interviewed for Woman’s World magazine in 2007, and a full- page story was written about her, bringing her new clients from all over the United States and Canada.

Gwenn has been speaking in many venues in the San Francisco Bay Area and Central Coast since 1998 and has been teaching classes on manifesting and the law of attraction since 2000. She feels her life purpose is to teach the world the power of the mind and how hypnosis can help you to change your life by changing your mind!

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CHAPTER 26: Perception Changes Everything

Chapter summary:
A practical joke gone wrong leaves a committed healthcare worker physically broken. When years of pain and treatment yield no progress, an introduction to hypnotherapy and the wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer changes everything.

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