Gillian Laura Roberts

Gillian Laura RobertsGillian Roberts is the owner of Centre Space Spiritual Coaching, co-Director of The Thought Publications, Inc. and co-Creator of The Thought That Changed My Life Forever.

As a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, she enjoys a dynamic spiritual coaching practice, teaches meditation (in studio and corporate settings), and officiates unique, truly personalized wedding ceremonies. A passionate student of Science of Mind and Tibetan Buddhism, Gillian also holds a degree in Psychology & Linguistics and has published in Human Communications. She’s received specialized training as a Miruspoint© Facilitator in Prime Potential™ which incorporates cutting-edge Neuroscience and Human Potential research to help her clients integrate energies in the body with authentic personal expression.

Centre Space is her treasured vision for providing the opportunity for people to clear obstacles to full expression; connect with authentic power; then create whatever their passion directs! She has a lot up her sleeve & is excited to begin sharing with the World via this wonderful book. She also really loves running by her seaside home in Vancouver.

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CHAPTER 52: I Love You, Too.

Chapter Summary:
When this future Spiritual Practitioner seeks to give to another (in a potentially dangerous situation), she is surprised to find that what she receives in return is an answer to her heart’s deep longing—far outweighing any risks she could have ever taken.

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