Dr. L. Jon Porman

"Dr. L. Jon Porman"Dr. L. Jon Porman has dedicated himself to a career of nonstop learning. He is a Chiropractor with post-graduate training and certification as a Chiropractic Sports Physician.

In his current SportsDoc clinic he performs Sports Injury and Rehabilitation, as well as Sports Performance treatments with many World-Class and Olympic athletes. He is also a Chiropractic Team Physican for 2 local high schools.

Up until now, he’s always utilized techniques that modulated the recovery/healing of the body. Now, he has found a way to also heal the spirit and mind—using “Brain Wave Optimization.”TM He uses this new protocol as an individual (not in his capacity as a physician) in his new company: Infinite Brain Potential. He has been having remarkable success with balancing and harmonizing the brain with a focus on: athletic performance, chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD, and ADHD.

Jon has finally realized his life-long goal of being able to treat the entire person and not just the physical body. The first 17 years is just getting him warmed up for the final 50 years he wants to practice! For more information, go to: www.InfiniteBrainPotential.com.

CHAPTER 24: Greatness Follows Excellence

Chapter summary:
Is just enough really good enough? Not if you want to experience Greatness! One lesson in his grandfather’s gas station leads a young boy to understand how focus and attention to detail are important tools for finding success and living a life on purpose.

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