Dr. Christian Guenette

"Christian"Dr. Christian Guenette is a man with a mission.

His purpose during this lifetime is to help alleviate unnecessary human suffering.

For the past 10 years, he has been fulfilling this mission as a holistic chiropractor in Vancouver, BC. Recognizing the powerful influence that the mind-body connection has on health and healing, he has been teaching his patients about their innate ability to get well and stay well…one patient at a time.

Now, it is time for Christian to step up to the world stage and spread his message of hope, inspiration and infinite possibilities – in the form of The Thought book series.

Knowing that there is power in numbers, Christian has teamed up with the incredibly talented Gillian Roberts to help him take the idea of The Thought That Changed My Life Forever and deliver it to the world.  Together with Kristen Moeller of Imbue Press, Christian and Gillian are on a mission to change lives, helping to make the impossible possible.

One of Christian’s influential thoughts:  Everything happens for a reason – and the reason always includes an opportunity for growth, evolution, or learning.

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CHAPTER 9: Forgiveness is a Gift You Give Yourself.

Chapter summary:
Exposed to the unstable, abusive influence of alcoholism in his home, a young boy finds solace in striving for excellence in school and sports. Years later, mired in resentment and desire for revenge, he realizes the need for a radical approach to experience the gift of true solace.

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