Dr. Caroline P Mueller

"Dr. Caroline Mueller"Until recently Dr. Caroline P. Mueller worked as a travelling “medicine woman” doing locum work as an OBGYN in rural BC & Alberta, honoring her belief that patients are best served by physicians & healers in their own communities—something that is sustainable only if local physicians have time for self-care and continuing medical education.

More recently, a series of profoundly personal and undeniable ‘what ifs’ have resulted in a relocation to rural Quebec, where Caroline and her partner, Hugh, are learning French, reclaiming their love of dancing, and living into new perspectives, while enjoying & exploring the beauty of Eastern Canada.

Health and healing remain Caroline’s focus as she deepens her understanding of the connections between mind, body & spirit and their impact on health and disease.

Caroline spends her free time coaching people in cleansing and detoxifying their bodies, a process she believes is critical in the maintenance of good health and in managing society’s increasing burden of chronic disease. “…prevention is the cure…”.

Caroline also finds great reward in helping others build businesses which may assist them in mending their financial health through the creation of residual income. She may be reached through: http://cleansewithcaroline.isagenix.com.

CHAPTER 25: Asking What If? Challenges What Is.

Chapter summary:
How can anything evolve if we accept the status quo? After adopting an inquisitive approach to life from her courageous parents, this MD applies the same analysis & exploration to the conventional tenets & wisdoms vigorously held by a beloved profession.

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