David Jan Jurasek

"David Jan Jurasek"Inspired & Free founder.

- Registered Drama Therapist (RDT).
- Certified Canadian Counselor (CCC).
- Child & Family Therapist, with children with learning disabilities.
- Mindfulness Martial Arts Instructor.
- Dynamic Group Facilitator.
- Inspired Playback Theatre Co. founder and director.
- Transforming process founder.


As founder of the business, Inspired & Free, it makes me incredibly happy to see you get the resources you need to be more inspired and free.

As an artist, I value open and powerful expression.

As a healer, I have confidence in us all to be able to heal ourselves, and so to transform the obstacles in our way.

As a former refugee from the control of a Communist dictatorship, I value highly our mutual sense of respect and freedom.

As a life explorer and traveler, I plant my seeds here to build a common-unity within which we can co-create together.

The services and products I endorse I use myself daily because they nourish me, empowering me to be more effective as a teacher and a leader, more skilled and accepting as a therapist and to be more compassionate and loving as a friend and a partner.

When it comes to what I want for you, whom I prefer to call my potential “co-inspirator”, I want nothing less than for you to become…

INSPIRED - connected to a reliable source of inner power and a nourishing community of co-inspirators! and FREE  -  to choose love over fear, to accomplish great things that benefit  the world and to be true to yourself!

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CHAPTER 1: If It’s Meant To Be, It Starts With Me

Chapter summary:
When nothing an eager family therapist is doing seems to be working, it’s his young client who turns the tables and shakes him into seeing a new reality. Where do you start when all you want to do is save the World?

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