Daniel Mauro

Daniel Mauro;Daniel Mauro enjoys seeing people come to life when they embrace their inner spark. As the founder and director of Speaking Visionaries Inc., Healing Ottawa Live Auction (HOLA), and Dream Weavers Mastermind, Daniel has discovered the power of merging science with heart-centered disciplines to facilitate transformation in others. He is a regular contributing author to two consciousness-raising magazines in Canada’s National Capital Region, holds a Masters degree in Cognitive Science, and is considered Ottawa’s leading expert on the science of Musical Medicine. Believing whole-heartedly in the art of self-mastery, Daniel incorporates sound and music as key components of his empowering personal development programs on Heart Intelligence, Musical Medicine and Brain Optimization.

To learn more about Daniel’s dynamic workshops and live speaker events, visit: SpeakingVisionaries.com.

CHAPTER 20: What If My Deepest Fear Is My Greatest Gift?

Chapter summary:
What do you do when your voice exits stage left just when you want to speak? When overcoming his fear of public speaking becomes his mission, one man finds the key to newfound freedom and purpose where he least expected it.

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