Cathy Matarazzo

"Cathy Matarazzo"Known to her clients and comrades as the Heart Doctor, Cathy Matarazzo is all heart! Her private practice has been the beacon of light for thousands of people to find soulful navigation through the waters of life for almost twenty years. As a writer, natural intuitive healer, peace minister and genuine love keeper, this sistah shows up in the way that will always awaken and serve the purest of clarity and vision the heart is waiting to receive! Her motto in life: “It’s only ever about the love people! There’s no time like the present to remember the truth of who you are!”

Who is Cathy Matarazzo?

Well, I have spent the good part of my 45+ years consciously embracing the sacred truth of that very question. What I have come to realize is that I am simply a child of this divine wondrous universe we all know as life! I am certain that if you were to ask that same question to the many souls whom have graced my path, they would definitely provide a few different answers describing the various roles I have participated in…
As with all others whom truly choose to awaken to the process of divine spiritual evolution, the playgrounds do change to support the inner growth one is experiencing in the moment. What I can tell you is that I have been so blessed over the years to be able to work extremely close with so many incredible people, and all whom have come to the door with a different story. Once the human cloaks of illusion are removed, my work is to basically help to interpret, support and empower the heart to lead the way so that they can stay in their game, whatever that is for them! You see, I believe that within the heart of every soul lies the key to each of our inherent freedom! The challenge as human beings is to find the courage to awaken to this reality and then believe in the truth of who we are, really! My heart offers an exceptionally safe, trusting space in which to allow for this movement and ultimate remembrance!

I can definitely say that I have surrendered to a life of love and service to self and all those whom are ready to get on board and experience the journey into heart and ultimate truth. Through the sharing of my own heart and soul and living from that very sacred place of integrity and authenticity, I know I am doing what I have come here to do … the rest, well, is really out of my hands. Who knows what tomorrow will bring and the ways I will be asked to simply “show up” and serve the love, in and with love!!

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CHAPTER 22: I Believe in the Freedom That Is Me

Chapter summary:
All that glitters is not gold. When the perfect picture of marriage, family and work cannot prevent her from going into personal darkness, embracing a new “Y.E.S.” allows this New Age “Heart Doctor” to let her essence shine and redefine the perfection of this very moment.

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