Catherine Kozuch

"Cat Kozuch"Catherine Kozuch was raised in Adelaide, South Australia.

She came to North America in the early 21st century, when she entered Arizona State University in 2006 as a Communications major, with an emphasis in Journalism Studies. In April 2008, during her sophomore year, she was paralyzed in a horrible accident and was forced to medically withdraw from school.

Catherine was told she would never walk again. Regardless of her shocking diagnosis she was determined to walk again and would not accept life in a wheelchair. She spent 3 months rehabbing at Barrows Neurological Institute. Her positive attitude and self-motivation led her to a miraculous recovery. Catherine taught herself to walk again!

Fall semester 2008: Catherine returned to Arizona State University while continuing physical therapy and interning at Fox 10 News in Phoenix, AZ. Catherine graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies. She went on to work for Fox 10 News as an Associate Producer.

Catherine resigned from Fox 10 News to become an entrepreneur and focus on her passion of giving and helping others.

October 2012: Catherine launched her company Yours Truly, Me in Scottsdale, Arizona. While helping make her clients lives easier, she plans to publish a book about her miraculous journey of faith from being paralyzed to walking again. Her dream is to start her own foundation to help and support others with Spinal Cord Injuries.

To learn more about Catherine and her amazing journey, go to her websites:

CHAPTER 6: I Will Walk Again.

Chapter summary:
You’re never too old to learn and you’re never too young to teach. After a devastating accident, a young woman’s conviction to listen to one (inner) voice in a sea of opinion gives her the power to overcome incredible odds — reinforcing her faith in what’s possible when we just believe.

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