Can a thought actually change your life forever?

Posted on 12/12/10 by thethoughtpublications No Comments


If you think back to any change you’ve made to your life’s direction, you will realize that it all began with a thought, an idea, or a concept.

When realized, followed, and adhered to, a thought becomes incorporated into the manifesto by which you govern your day-to-day activities.  When this happens, the rest of your life is forevermore affected.

So, pay attention to your thoughts.

If you wish to make a conscious change in your life, follow this general rule: start out with a thought you would like to follow, attach to this thought some important personal values (ie. how you would benefit from following this idea, and how it makes your life better in general), and then act on this thought.  If you do this consistently, your life will change…  forever.

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