Brock Tully

"Brock Tully"- Inspirational Speaker
- author of 8 books including the best-selling ‘Reflections’ series.
- 3 epic bicycle journeys around North America – close to 50,000Km (30,000 miles)
- Founder of the World Kindness Concert:
- Co-Founder of Kindness Rocks:
- Founder of One of a KIND Stories:
- Co-Founder of the Kindness Foundation of Canada:
- for even more Brock, go to

CHAPTER 37: i’d rather be seen for who i am and be alone… than be accepted for someone i’m not and be lonely

Chapter summary:
Being the life of the party doesn’t always mean you’re having a good time. When one man jumps on his bicycle and chooses to let his athletic abilities support rather than mask what’s in his heart, a journey of thousands of kilometres takes him to a surprising place—perhaps where he desired to be all along.

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