52 Thoughts

These 52 thoughts are inspiring messages of hope for all who read them.

Whether you are comfortable in your life, and simply are looking for new ideas…

Or finding yourself stuck in a rut, without the know-how or motivation to get un-stuck…

Somewhere embedded in these 52 thoughts might be the exact answer that you need.

"Child in Thought."
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Section I ~ To Me

  1. If It’s Meant To Be, It Starts With Me ~ David Jan Jurasek
  2. When nothing an eager family therapist is doing seems to be working, it’s his young client who turns the tables and shakes him into seeing a new reality. Where do you start when all you want to do is save the World?

  3. Let Your Intuition Guide You ~ Vtec Janus
  4. In his darkest moment, one man hears the voice of his grandfather echoing in his head—offering a lifeline from illusion to Truth. In a flash of insight, a new path of hope is illuminated, sparking the beginning of a miraculous journey from his head to his heart.

  5. My Intention Is For Everyone’s Highest and Best Good ~ Molly McCord
  6. Apartment hunting in Paris becomes an important life-lesson: one small shift in how a foreign grad student thinks about fulfilling her desires completely transforms the outcome. Can what you want for others actually bring you what you want?

  7. I’m Going To Die ~ Dr. Annemarie Gockel
  8. On an icy road in the middle of the night, this Spiritual Psychologist experiences a flash of clarity. Sliding out of control and facing impending death, a new world of possibility suddenly reveals itself—pointing to the value of a moment and a fresh start to the rest of her life.

  9. The Only Way to BE is ME! ~ Pilar Stella
  10. Plagued with a “disease to please,” a philanthropist wakes up to find her life has become unrecognizable, unhealthy and unsustainable. Can shedding layers of perception and projection allow her to return to her authentic, sparkly Self?

  11. I Will Walk Again ~ Catherine Kozuch
  12. You’re never too old to learn and you’re never too young to teach. After a devastating accident, a young woman’s conviction to listen to one (inner) voice in a sea of opinion gives her the power to overcome incredible odds—reinforcing her faith in what’s possible when you just believe.

  13. Success in Business & Adventure in Life Can Unite ~ Natalie Sisson
  14. Does saying “yes” to one dream mean having to say “no” to another? Discovering how to build a successful business (and life!) that doesn’t require a building at all changes the face of the planet for one entrepreneur.

  15. Given the choice, most people would choose the certainty of misery over the misery of uncertainty. ~ Lee Johnson
  16. At a critical crossroads in life and amidst violent turmoil in his home country, one successful businessman finds out you sometimes need to be willing to lose it all in order to live a life of integrity and fulfillment.

  17. Forgiveness Is A Gift You Give Yourself ~ Dr. Christian Guenette
  18. Exposed to the unstable, abusive influence of alcoholism in his home, a young boy finds solace in striving for excellence in school and sports. Years later, mired in resentment and desire for revenge, he realizes the need for a radical approach to experience the gift of true solace.

  19. The Greatest Insights Sometimes Come From Our Darkest Despair ~ Dr. Dena Churchill
  20. One trip to China, one stolen passport, and nowhere to turn leads one chiropractor studying Chinese medicine to discover the power and grace of asking for exactly what she needs.

  21. My Happiness – My Problem ~ Dixie (Dynamite) Gillaspie
  22. A young girl who suffers from abuse at the hands of her father stumbles upon a magical book—giving her a powerful key to escape her misery and access a new source of strength within her. When there is no one left to blame, who do you thank?

  23. Who Am I? ~ Lynn Sumida
  24. Her experience with cancer and a seemingly magical remedy for her symptoms reminds one woman that how she perceives herself is just as miraculous in healing her life as any pill or potion she can find to heal her disease.

  25. Time Is Relative ~ Stephen Thompson
  26. After a near-fatal motorcycle accident, a man is left all alone with a body in tatters on a deserted mountainside. A timeless, out-of-body experience brings him a profound vision of a life not-yet-lived—and the opportunity for ultimate healing within.

Section II ~ By Me

  1. I Can Re-Invent My Life! (Reflections on the Price We Pay to Live in Resignation) ~ Dr. Joe Rubino
  2. One pivotal moment in a “self-help” seminar leads a dentist to realize the world of “abundance” he’s been living has become his own personal prison. When his Life Coach challenges him to question his beliefs, an alternate view of how he could be living begins to come into focus.

  3. I’m Here For A (Special) Reason After-All: A Caribbean Food Revolution? ~ Maureen Cubbon
  4. One woman’s quest to help children create a better life by teaching them the importance of good nutrition leads her to discover what nourishes her own soul. After walking many roads to serve others, all paths converge to reveal her purpose is her passion!

  5. The Present Moment Is the Best Moment of My Life ~ Jonathan Yudis
  6. When climbing mountains, studying with gurus, and pursuing spiritual awakening still leave a man in confusion and unhappiness, it becomes clear something’s missing. When seeking joy outstrips experiencing joy, what hope is there for attaining enlightenment?

  7. I Need to Start Health ~ Scott Simons
  8. Wealth and privilege provided more than one boy could handle. It wasn’t until addiction took him off the court that this future entrepreneur discovered what the real game of Life is all about.

  9. Cancer Is Not Your Enemy. It Is Your Teacher. ~ Brenda Michaels
  10. When a second wave of cancer threatens to take her out for good, a strange thought provides one woman with a map that leads her off the beaten-track of traditional treatment and onto a new path—taking responsibility for creating her life.

  11. Learning to Really LIVE May Be the Best Cure for Illness ~ Dr. Bernie Siegel
  12. This world-renowned medical doctor reveals his secret to living a long, healthy life. After years of study and experience in traditional Western medicine, he comes to realize it’s more important to treat his patients than to treat the disease.

  13. What If My Deepest Fear Is My Greatest Gift? ~ Daniel Mauro
  14. What do you do when your voice exits stage left just when you want to speak? When overcoming his fear of public speaking becomes his mission, one man finds the key to newfound freedom and purpose where he least expected it.

  15. Your Heart Always Knows the Way to Go ~ Michael Robins
  16. Despite hard work and success, a young PhD student finds himself confronted with rapidly diverging paths. If he follows the call of his heart, much will certainly be lost—yet, what magnificent treasures await him on the “road less travelled?”

  17. I Believe In the Freedom That Is Me ~ Cathy Matarazzo
  18. All that glitters is not gold. When the perfect picture of marriage, family, and work cannot prevent her from going into personal darkness, embracing a new Y.E.S. allows this new age “Heart Doctor” to let her essence shine and redefines the perfection of this very moment.

  19. No Mud, No Lotus. ~ Jacob Nordby
  20. The profound statement of a well-known guru leads one man to discover renewed possibility in the challenges of life on the spiritual path—the ultimate freedom in surrendering to the power of what is. How can we enjoy the fruits of our intentions without planting seeds—or getting our hands a little dirty?

  21. Greatness Follows Excellence ~ Dr. L. Jon Porman
  22. Is just enough really good enough? Not if you want to experience greatness! One lesson in his grandfather’s gas station leads a young boy to understand how focus and attention to detail are important tools for success and living a life on purpose.

  23. Asking What If? Challenges What Is ~ Dr. Caroline P. Mueller
  24. How can anything evolve if we accept the status quo? After inheriting an approach to life—involving a specific line of inquiry—from her courageous, revolutionary ancestors, this MD becomes the change she wishes to see in her profession.

  25. Perception Changes Everything ~ Gwenn Henkel
  26. A practical joke gone wrong leaves a committed healthcare worker physically broken. When years of pain and treatment yield no progress, an introduction to hypnotherapy and the wisdom of Dr. Wayne Dyer changes everything.

Section III ~ Through Me

  1. How Did I Know? ~ Marlyse Carroll
  2. Haunted by unexplained feelings of fear and a picture of life beyond her known reality, one mother faces the unimaginable—the untimely death her young child. A search for meaning in a time of great despair leads her to profound revelations about a powerful gift within her.

  3. We Belong To Our Relationship ~ Lon & Sandy Golnick
  4. Two relationship therapists with a desire to revolutionize healing the family unit have both their professional and personal approaches to relationships transformed by a single statement from a 9-year old boy.

  5. Does My Perception Change Everything? (What Soap Bubbles Taught Me at Midnight) ~ Angelika Christie
  6. At the end of a long dinner party, the silence of the night and the company of dirty dishes (and the moon) allow one woman to see beyond appearances and into a new realm of beauty: how she sees herself, others around her, and even Love itself.

  7. What Am I Waiting For? ~ Kristen Moeller
  8. After seeking “out there” for answers to Life’s more difficult questions, this future author and coach discovers the Universe does not stop for our insecurities—nor does it ask us to wait to receive its infinite abundance!

  9. Who’s Teaching Who? ~ Hilary Bowring
  10. Everything looked like perfection on the outside. However, the pain of her husband’s disease and his eventual demise leads one woman on a quest to live and love fully—bringing her full-circle to understand the opportunity all shades of life have to offer.

  11. Life Is the Most Precious Gift You Can Ever Receive ~ Lionel Philippe
  12. Born prematurely and rejected by his mother, a man takes a long journey to discover the true nature of the gift he received from the first woman in his life. By coming to understand what she gave, he opens himself to receive the gifts of others, too.

  13. We Are One And The Same ~ Gabriel Nossovitch
  14. From a young age, an artist asks the quintessential question “Who Am I?” After he receives an unexpected, rather unfavourable answer, it sparks a lifelong quest in search of Truth. It isn’t until he glimpses his “role” in the play of Life that he begins to see his existence as an important part of a greater, universal performance.

  15. I Don’t Need to Do Something Today Just Because I Did It Yesterday ~ Ocean Bloom
  16. A professional body builder and fitness model hits the wall when she realizes she cannot push herself any further. When the tireless routine of making her body look beautiful ultimately grounds the joy out of her life, she discovers there is much more to her than meets the eye.

  17. It’s Not Mine ~ Stephanie Bennett Vogt
  18. What if that headache or that anxiety or sense of foreboding isn’t…yours? A recurrent case of the flu leads one woman to eventually seek out (and find) the deeper energies present in the places we live, work and play. Can “who was there before” leave a trail of emotions that impacts our own well-being?

  19. What Would Do the Most Good? ~ Ted Kuntz
  20. Past curfew, a man waits alone for his 14-year old daughter to come home. As the minutes stretch into hours, a revelation of love beyond fear not only catches him off-guard, but offers him a new perspective for every choice that follows.

  21. …i’d rather be seen for who i am and be alone…than be accepted for someone i’m not and be lonely ~ Brock Tully
  22. Being the life of the party does not always mean you’re having a good time. When one man jumps on his bicycle and chooses to let his athletic abilities support rather than mask what’s in his heart, a journey of thousands of kilometres takes him to a surprising place—perhaps where he’s desired to be all along?

  23. What I See, I Can Be. ~ Dr. Derek Porter
  24. Olympians are made not born. Even at 6’5” and with talent to burn, it is witnessing an unexpected moment of graceful, athletic perfection that leads a fledgling rower to claim not only a place on the World stage and Olympic podium, but a belief in the potential in each of us.

  25. I Am Not Bad ~ Reverend Bruce Sanguin
  26. Sometimes what we believe can cloud our opportunity for finding our true faith. Discovering a deeply-held place of sorrow allows an ordained minister to take on a new level of understanding about himself, religion, and the nature of our role in expanding consciousness on the planet.

Section IV ~ As Me

  1. A New Name, A New Way of Being. ~ Reverend Sophia Ducey
  2. What do you do when the label you’ve been given just doesn’t fit anymore? This courageous Religious Science minister takes us with her on a soul-searching journey in which she not only evokes a different label, but a completely different essence from within herself.

  3. The Universe Plans Better Than You ~ Nina Talley-Kalokoh
  4. In a letter to her friend, this self-proclaimed over-planner shares her story about why letting go of controlling the details doesn’t mean you have to lose the plot.

  5. It Doesn’t Matter What You Do: Just Make Sure It’s Something You’re Passionate About ~ Sean Aiken
  6. Even graduating at the top of his class cannot prevent this college student from feeling lost and unsure of his career path. With an ingenious plan to help him decide, his journey of discovery reveals much, much more than the answer to his original question.

  7. Ask and You Will Receive ~ Petey Silveira
  8. A professional hypnotherapist discovers how adept she is in helping guide others to the answers to their long sought-after questions. But what will she do when she receives a message from a surprising source prompting her to ask questions of her own?

  9. Who Does This Belong To? ~ Brenda St. Louis
  10. When a massage therapist, plagued with her own intense back pain, discovers the source of her discomfort: she finds not only a personal gift but a key choice that is critical for her own well-being—and the true healing of her patients.

  11. Your Perception of Your Life IS Your Life ~ Dr. Russell G. Kennedy
  12. A young man pursues a career in medicine to combat the many ills that plagued his family. After years of astute observation, he discovers it’s not what’s “out there” that makes us sick: a new perception becomes his next prescription.

  13. Faith, Persistence and Surrender Are My Trusted Guideposts ~ Rita Soman
  14. With her most difficult moments behind her, this addiction therapist shares the three guideposts that not only provided her a way out of her own despair, but may also serve as beacons of light to lead others to a path of least resistance.

  15. I Have A Choice ~ Lorri Dalton
  16. When faced with a potentially life-or-death health crisis, this running coach decides to take ownership of her own future, creating the mental workout plan that will ultimately guarantee her success.

  17. Stuck Energy Creates Dis-Ease; Loving Energy Creates Healing. ~ Janna Moll
  18. As a child, being aware of all the “energies” around her creates confusion and isolation. After a brief and powerful spiritual experience, she discovers the answer to one of her most profound questions—an answer that can transform the World.

  19. When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong. ~ Gregg Taylor
  20. This Career Coach and counselor shares his most powerful life-lesson: being true to oneself means embracing not only our more admirable attributes, but also our vulnerabilities.

  21. I Love You Just the Way You Are ~ Susan Phelan
  22. How important is one conversation with someone you love? In this heart-wrenching depiction of an evolving mother-daughter relationship, even old wounds are given the opportunity to heal—demonstrating anything is really possible.

  23. This Is My Vision ~ Janette Martin
  24. Distraught with a major life decision—to follow her own vision for a fulfilled life or resign herself to one that is expected of her—this health-focused entrepreneur finds the strength to keep her eyes set firmly on the purpose-filled path ahead.

  25. I Love You…Too ~ Gillian Laura Roberts
  26. When this future Spiritual Practitioner seeks to give to another (in a potentially dangerous situation), she is surprised to find that what she receives in return is an answer to her heart’s deep longing—far outweighing any risks she could have ever taken.

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